Top Supply Teaching Pet Peeves

Stressed OutI’m not a supply teacher; however, I’m regularly involved in an online social group of supply teachers and that’s where I picked up on the following pet peeves. Regardless of your occupation I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to these problems; moreover, if you are a supply teacher then you’ll know first hand the true annoyance of encountering one of the following scenarios.

My Top Pet Peeves

Our Beautiful British Weather

The turbulent British weather is annoying at the best of times, consistency isn’t something that our weather seems to be familiar with. This point is about more than the weather though, if it rains at school then the kids are often cooped up on their breaks, often in the classroom. This isn’t just annoying because it disrupts the work that you should be getting done but it also regularly leads to pent up energy reaching it’s peak whilst you’re trying to teach.

The Aspiring TA

Teaching assistants are more commonplace in primary schools but even high school supply teachers will be able to relate with this one. Now as you might guess from their title, teacher’s assistants are there to assist you as a teacher; however, if you come into contact with an aspiring TA that so obviously wants to take charge of the class then you’re in for a fun time. They’ve been waiting patiently for three years for Mr Smith to take a day off sick and now you’re here to steal their one shot at the limelight. Good luck!

Observant Heads

Sure, the headteacher wants to spend a few minutes observing the quality of the supply teacher that the supply teaching agency has sent in to them, that’s all well and good. The problem arises when this headteacher hangs around for the first half hour of your teaching day, making up more and more reasons to stay such as the classic “I’m just trying to find my pen”. This is a sure-fire way to throw your supply teacher off before he/she has even started.

The ‘Busy’ Desk

My desk at work is by no means clean, I get too much paperwork for me to possibly keep it clean; however, I do organise it so that there is space to work and everything that I need is easily accessible.

The majority of teachers are organised well but you will one day cover a ‘creative’ teacher, the very same teacher that has a bulletproof computer password that no-one in a 10-mile radius seems to know.

The Maze Masquerading as a School

If you remember your first day at high-school then you might be able to relate to this one. High schools are generally big places with many corridors, rooms and people everywhere; therefore, if you’re going into a different school every week it can be difficult initially to get your bearings. Even your trip from the staff room back to your classroom after your lunch you might not find your way back without the help of fellow teachers, school employees or pupils.


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