Halloween Teaching Ideas

Halloween PumpkinsHalloween is an exciting time for most children under 12-13 as they prepare to head out trick-or-treating, learning how to harness the excitement of this time in your lessons is a great way to engage with your pupils and give them a fun way to learn. So what Halloween related lesson ideas can you utilise?

Pumpkin Painting – Geography, Art or Design

This idea can apply loosely to most subjects; however, I think it’s best suited to art, design or geography. As you might have guessed this will involve pumpkins and the carving/painting of them.

For an art lesson you may just ask the class to paint something Halloween related onto their pumpkins, this could be something adventurous like a witch flying across a cloudy night sky, or maybe even a painting a pumpkin onto a pumpkin.

In a design class you might like to go one step further and either ask your pupils to draw up a pumpkin design on a certain theme. Depending on the age and maturity of your class it may or may not be responsible to allow them to carve a pumpkin, but you can select your best design and carve the pumpkin yourself while the class works on the next task.

Geography on the other hand is a little bit different from both art and design; however, asking the children to paint a world map onto the pumpkin, or alternatively you could use a pumpkin to explain the structure of the earth.

 Halloween TigPE

It’s quite easy to put a Halloween spin on your PE lessons with the Halloween take on tig. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Split your pupils into two groups and have them both decide in secret whether they want to be either witches, goblins or gnomes
  • Once both teams have decided they should meet facing each other with about 10-15 feet of space between them
  • Count down from 3 and a designated person from each team must shout out what the team chose to be (witches, goblins or gnomes)
  • Witches will chase goblins, goblins will chase gnomes and gnomes will chase witches

 All of the rest

History – Perhaps you could look at some particularly spooky happenings, maybe look at the history behind some famous haunts or even just cover the history of Halloween.

Languages – In language classes you might simply look at Halloween related words and maybe cover the traditions of the countries you are learning about.


There are all manner of Halloween spins you can put on your lessons, even something as simple as a Halloween word search. Click here for a full list of Halloween lesson plans.


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