Where Is The Respect?

As a teacher you will sit with many parents each year. Hopefully you’ll find that a large portion of the parents that you meet are friendly and willing to work with you to get the best out of their children; however, there appears to be a growing number of parents that will seek to blame you for any issues their child is having. These parents often display a lack of any respect for the staff at the school and in many cases this can negatively effect the behaviour of their child.

The Possible Causes

There are many possible answers as to why there is a lack of respect for teachers among some parents. Gone are the days when teachers were by large the most intelligent people in their community, nowadays so many people are following the path of higher education that teachers are no longer seen as brilliant minds, instead they could be looked down on due to their shorter working hours, extended holidays and  competitive salary.

In addition to this very few parents actually understand what teachers actually do in their classrooms, of course they teach but some only think of the 6 hour day, they overlook the stacked piles of marking, the administrative tasks, in-depth lesson plans and the task of using psychological tactics and strategies to get through to their children. Any job can seem like a walk in the park if you focus only on a couple of aspects.

Another cause for the shift in respect comes from a change in parental attitude towards responsibility. When I was going through high-school just a decade ago I kept myself in line, this was because I did want a good education but possibly more because if I didn’t behave and perform as I should then I was disciplined in school and that meant that I’d be disciplined at home. If I was given a poor report it was my fault and my parents would work with the teacher to get me back on the right track, nowadays a poor report is nothing to do with their little angel and more to do with you having some kind of hidden agenda or just being a sub-par teacher.

I think this image sums up the attitude change pretty well



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