Christmas Teacher Tips

Elf StudentChristmas is a wondrous time of the year for many, particularly so for children that celebrate the occasion. There is an immense amount of information available online that will help you organise your lesson plans, but these tips won’t help you create a fun lesson plan, instead they will help you get through the obstacle course that Christmas can become.

It can’t all be presents and Father Christmas

Of course most of your lessons will revolve around Christmas as you break into the last week of the school year; however there are only so many lessons you can teach before you hit the festive overdose and become the Grinch. This leaves you a great opportunity to teach your pupils about the true meaning of Christmas and how it can bring people together. An example of this would be to discuss the giving of gifts and why they think people do that, how it might make people feel and what’s really important at Christmas.

Pack yourself an umbrella

At this time of the year it’s always beneficial to leave a spare umbrella in your office or car. People are notoriously unavailable at Christmas and teachers fall into this same category; don’t be surprised if you end up on surprise bus park duty. You should also have your friendly head on for meeting supply teachers, you might find that some teachers get routinely ill around the time of big Christmas sales.

Accepting student gifts

Whether or not you accept gifts from students will be down to either the policy of the school you work in or your own personal preference. I find it easy to be objective but if you’re easily swayed then steer clear of accepting student gifts and do it early on, letting your students know that you can’t accept individual gifts from students; you’ll often find that a collective gift is much easier to receive and allows all students to get involved if they want to. The last thing you want is little Susie Parker turning up full of glee with a neatly wrapped gift, only to be turned away.

Check out this thread on the ethics of accepting student gifts and make up your own mind.


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