Our Favourite Teaching Hacks

Teaching is often rewarding and fun, as I hope you all know; however, it is also often challenging and can leave you exhausted. The more you can do to make your job easier, the better. Take a look at some of our favourite teaching hacks below that can save you time, money and stress!

Make noise monitoring easy

If you put 20+ kids in the same room then there is obviously going to be some level of noise, unless you choose to run your classroom in the same style as a ruthless (and unpopular) exam Invigilator. Of course there are times when silence is appropriate, but for the other times you need only focus on keeping the noise to a reasonable level. Noise monitoring apps can be the perfect solution to help you monitor noise easily and set an exact level of when enough is enough.

Noise Down App iPhones

Image taken from http://www.noisedown.com


Noise Down is a popular app that lets you monitor noise and set noise level alarms to notify you when noise levels exceed a certain decibel level.

Keep kids active

A bored pupil can easily become a restless, fidgety and all round distracting pupil; that’s just how kids are. Instead of letting kids become bored after finishing an activity before others you should introduce an ‘I’m Done’ box or cup. Using craft lollipop sticks can provide activities for the pupil to do while the other pupils finish the initial task.

Visualise their struggle

Pupils won’t always grasp a particular concept straight away, some might not have it 100% locked down after the third or fourth explanation. This can be an uncomfortable situation for some children and therefore it’s important that you offer them a way to let you know they’re struggling without alerting the rest of the class.


Traffic Light Classroom

Image and idea from loveteachinspire.wordpress.com

The turn-in bin

This fantastic idea is a great way to keep track of which students have completed their work, which students are yet to complete it and it also provides you with a neatly stacked pile of work to review.

Turn-in Bin

Image from 3rdgradethoughts.com

Hand Signal Savers

Sometimes kids have certain needs, but these needs needn’t disrupt the rest of your class. Instead you should introduce a hand signal system such as the one outlined below.

hand signal chart

Image taken from itsmisslee.weebly.com


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